9:30 Refreshments and socializing
10:00 Program, business meeting, adjourn

 Programs 2016-2017

 September 24, 2016-UCC*

Reports on Convergence, other summer activities

October 22, 2016--UCC*  Meet in library

Warping the Loom Back to Front (Another Way)-Jackie Wallace November

November, 2016-UCC*

No meeting

December ???, 2016

Location and date to be announced later

 January 28, 2017-UCC*

Bateman Weave Structures,-Margaret Arafat

 February 25, 2017-UCC*

Weave a Candy Dish!-Rebecca Shanksshanks-candy-baskets

 March 25, 2017-UCC*

Weaving in Turkey and Iceland-Roger Knapp

 April 22, 2017-UCC*

To be announced

 May 13, 2017-Location to be announced

Luncheon and Guild Challenge presentations.

No meetings during June, July, August

*University Christian Church (UCC), Room 205
2720 South University Drive
Fort Worth

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