Throw in the Towel

Call for entries!

Key Dates:

  • ?? Deadlines will be announced when established
  • ?? Deadline to commit to participate
  • ?? Deadline to provide guesstimate of # of towels
  • ?? Exact dates / times for drop off will be announced later
  • November 16 – December 17 2022:  Exhibition dates


  • Location
    • JN Long Art Complex – Cleburne
  • 50 Towels will be hung at a time
  • All will be for sale
  • As sold they will be replaced, to keep an ever-changing panoply of work
  • You may enter as many as you like
  • Size limits – 15″-20″ wide  X  23″-28″ long (after hemming and wet finishing)
  • All will be sold for the same price (for consistency and to help the staff)

All you need to know:

Throw in the Towel is designed to be an installation of over 50 artfully designed hand towels. Each towel will be handwoven by a member of the Fort Worth Weavers Guild. A wide variety of weave structures will be used. The towels will be hung to form a river of color that leads the eye across the entire display.

Each towel will be for sale and may be purchased during the Exhibit; replacement towels will be hung in their places to create an ever-changing panoply of work.
This exhibit may be the easiest show you have ever entered. It will consist of – you guessed it – hand towels only. You may enter as many as you have no matter when you wove them and in whatever colors and structure you have chosen. The only constraint will be size limitations so we can design the display for greatest impact. We would love to have ten to twenty towels from each person.

Throw in the Towel will be hung in the JN Long Art Complex in Cleburne during November and December of 2022. This is at the same time as our BRIT Show, but these two exhibits are vastly different.

We will provide the exact dates and drop off times for your towels later. Each towel should be between 15” and 20” wide and between 23” and 28” long after hemming and wet finishing. We want to keep the pricing rather consistent to help the staff, but we are thinking $30-$40 each.