Workshops – Robyn Spady Oct 7-9, 2022


Important Dates:

  • Signup for non-members will begin on March 1  
  • Workshop – October 7-9, 2022

Workshop Information:

  • Robyn Spady
  • A Parallel Threading is the Weaver’s Playground
  • Cost per person will be announced in early 2022, we should have a rough idea in January 2022
  • Location – Ridglea Christian Center (RCC) 6720 W Elizabeth Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76116

To Signup and Reserve your spot 

  • Click the link below to sign up and pay your initial $75 deposit
    • If you prefer you can mail a check to
    • FWWG Treasurer   PO Box 471004   Fort Worth, Texas 76147-1004
  • The final balance will be due on or before the September guild meeting
  • The total workshop fee will be determined by the number of attendees and the instructor’s final travel (e.g., air fare) expenses.  
  • The total workshop fee is currently estimated at $184 (this could change if air fare is more than expected and/or the final number of attendees is more/less than expected).
  • If for any reason we do not have at least 12 sign up the workshop would be cancelled and a full refund provided.
  • See the ‘Rules and Bylaws’ (copied below and in the Member Only area) for more information about workshop rules
Copy of Workshop information from Pages 15 – 16 Part I, II, and III of the by-laws (please excuse the formatting):
Fort Worth Weavers Guild Workshop Policy
  1. Participation Eligibility
    1. A FWWG Member in good standing can sign up for a workshop as soon as sign-up begins.
    2. There will be a “Wait-list” for Members who aren’t sure they can or want to take the workshop and nonmembers waiting for sign-up.
    3. The sign-up date for non-members will be at the discretion of the Chair. Non-members on the Wait-list will have sign-up priority over other non-members.
    4. Payments by anyone not on the official lists will have the payment returned.
  2. Fees and Payments
    1. A deposit to secure a place in the workshop is due at sign-up. The amount is 20-40% of the total.
    2. Total workshop fees are due not later than the announced contract-cancellation date.
    3. Overall workshop costs are based upon Instructor’s fees, travel expenses and venue rental. Other expenses may include, as applicable, supply fees, reimbursement of not more than $30.00 for Instructor’s dinners (as requested by “meal-host” participants), shipping fees for Instructor-materials, and/or hotel stays in the Fort Worth Area.
    4. Workshop fees for the individual hosting the Instructor in her or his home will be waived.
      1. Waived fees will be divided among the other participants as part of overall workshop costs.
      2. The Hostess or Host remains responsible for materials or supply fees.
    5. All payments are made by a check to the “Fort Worth Weavers Guild” (or “FWWG”), given/sent to the Treasurer OR paid via Pay-Pal or credit card on the Guild website,, at “Payments for Membership, Workshops and Donations.” Those on the “Wait-list” do not have to pay a deposit to be on the list.
    6. If a participant cannot or decides not to take the Workshop, the total fee is still due. Full refunds will be made only if there is someone on the Wait-list to take the participant’s place.
      1. The Workshop Chair is responsible for the management of the Wait-list, and must be contacted as soon as someone knows she or he will be unable to attend.
      2. If there is no one on the Wait-list or the Chair cannot find someone to take the spot, all fees will be forfeited by the participant so the Guild will not be left with the debt.
      3. Positions are not transferable. Openings will be filled from the Wait-list only.
    7. The Guild cannot make a profit from a workshop. Fees collected in excess of the announced cost will be reimbursed to participants and/or applied to reduce costs of the next workshop at the Board’s discretion.
  3. Pre-workshop Instructions
    1. The Workshop Instructor will provide directions to prepare for the workshop.
      1. Directions may include loom-type, how to wind the warp, how (or whether) to prepare the loom, supplies (yarn, weaving and other tools, etc.), and/or drafts appropriate to participants’ looms.
      2. Pre-workshop preparations must be completed before the first day of the workshop.
      3. Questions about any of the Instructor’s directions or requirements should be addressed to the Instructor. It is helpful to share questions to and responses from the Instructor with other participants since several people may have the same questions.
    2. Participants will be given the opportunity to sign-up to take the Instructor to dinner or lunch (if lunch is not a potluck affair) during the Instructor’s stay.
      1. If requested, the “meal-host” will be reimbursed for the Instructor’s order (maximum $30) if a receipt is provided (See II.3).
      2. Potluck lunches or snacks brought by participants will not be reimbursed.
    3. Participants may be asked to remain to help clean the venue after the workshop so the Guild can recover the damage/clean-up deposit. The deposit is not included in overall expenses.